The Ptolemy Group

Strategic Communications Services are offered to public and private sector clients seeking to improvement their professional profiles, to interact with various media, to develop new business through both short and long term strategic plans for success.

Our approach to Government Affairs bifurcates along political and bureaucratic lines. We provide strong access to both elected and non-elected officials. Our unique history in high tech from salesman to corporate retail manager, to software entrepreneur and in government from Capitol Hill Intern, to National Campaign staffer to local and state political consultant and fundraiser ensures that our clients receive solid advice with a technically proficient Strategic Plan.

Our Lead Principal, Norbert Seals is a 4th generation Floridian, who has been involved in the political, corporate, and Public relations arena nationwide for over 20 years. Through the years, he has earned an A. B. Degree in Economics from Harvard University, worked on over 25 successful political campaigns, and has assisted private sector clients in gaining over a half billion dollars worth of public and private contracts. At the Ptolemy Group, Inc. we see a future that is our client’s to grasp!